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  • kind to you.
    kind to the planet.

    We’re here to uplift your health and wellness, give you peace-of-mind and make a positive social and environmental impact in the world.

    our philosophy

    We believe that supplements are important in our modern lives… but there's a lot more to wellbeing.

    Ultimately, our hope for ourselves and for you is a life well lived: enjoying delicious, healthy food, staying mentally and physically active, sharing laughter with friends and family, time in nature, restful sleep, adventurous travel, and minimal stress.

    Our supplements are here to help you along the way ensure that the pursuit of a life well lived doesn't come at the expense of our planet.

    Together, we can pave the way for a future where wellness and sustainability are intertwined, inspiring not just the supplements industry, but others to do business responsibly and preserve the planet for generations to come.

    Here's Kev diving with whale sharks in Western Australia

    For Kev, this was more than just an adventure—it was a dream come true. His lifelong fascination with sharks and marine wildlife took him on a journey across the world and inspired a desire to protect the planet's magnificent creatures.

    Upon seeing the devastating effects of large-scale industrial fishing (which provided most of the world's omega-3) first hand, Kev knew there had to be a better way.

    Kev believes that adventure and connecting with nature are essential to a life well lived, and his experiences sparked our mission at Omvits.

    Here's Shameek sailing off the Southern Coast of the British Isles

    Shameek has enjoyed sailing for over a decade, finding the sea to be a sanctuary for inner peace, wisdom and balance.

    The mesmerising glow of bioluminescence and the humbling power of a wave remind him of the deep connection we share with the ocean.

    Our health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked to the oceans with every breath we take. This eternal bond with nature is something Shameek is deeply passionate about protecting, both for ourselves and future generations.

    His experiences and connection with nature continue to inspire our mission at Omvits.

    Here's Shaunak hiking the inca trail in peru

    Hiking the Inca Trail and traveling around South America was a deeply enriching journey for Shaunak, merging his love for nature, passion for fitness, and desire to help people.

    The stunning landscapes of the Andes, coupled with the physical challenges of the trail, nurtured his appreciation for the natural world and the importance of staying active.

    Along the way, encounters with diverse cultures and communities inspired Shaunak's sense of compassion and commitment to giving back.

    These experiences continue to influence his work and dedication at Omvits.

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    our promise to you

    our promise to you

    We began Omvits with one key agreement - to do things a certain way, without compromise. Some companies call this their "values". We prefer to think of it as a promise to our customers...

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